Byyorks is a small kennel with Yorkshire Terrier. We put great focus take great pride in the way on how we treat, educate, fit and breed our pets, both physically, mentally and socially. By this we mean that we take responsibility for the results of what we do to make sure our dogs and the breed’s potential in the future. Because only the best is good enough for our dogs.

We have chosen to create conditions for a good the great and healthy dog life. Our pets deserve the best. Therefore, we try to do everything with our dogs wisely.

We have carefully chosen how and what we feed our dogs with, the products we use in grooming and in the daily care of the dogs, from the quality and environmental demands we make to ensure our dogs in the future.

If our dogs need special supplements or treatments we use, if the opportunity is there, alternative treatments like herbalism, acupuncture and massage. Of course we are not compromising our dogs’ health and therefore we use both conventional and alternative medicine, the best of both worlds. The dogs naturally follows the common vaccines and health checks at the vet.

In everyday life we try to give our dogs a safe and caring upbringing. We therefore takes their individual needs into account.

Our dogs are part of our family, therefore they live with us in our house.


They get daily:


  • walks in the nature
  • play and free run in our garden
  • playing with each other and us, both inside and out
  • opportunity for rest and tranquility in different rooms in the house
  • grooming and regular care
  • health check by us
  • healthy nutrition
  • love and closeness


We have imported our Yorkshire terrier from two kennels in Europe. We are very grateful for the amazing dogs from Beate and Markus Ackermann from Campari and Maria Hilmerova from Of Maryon’s Home. These dogs are the dogs which we in our small kennel carefully have selected to breed on.

Who we are

We are Bodil and Svend, lives in Denmark and have had various breeds in 30 years.
We have had German shepherd, fox terrier, cocker spaniel and the last 10 years Yorkshire Terrier, for both exhibition and breeding.


Bodil Larsen

Owner & Breeder

Svend-Erik Schram Larsen

Owner; Breeder & Handler